A full service consulting firm using a innovative business driven “Stratecution” approach in operationalizing Data Governance, Metadata, Data Risk and Data Quality.
Data Governance 1.0 has not successfully brought “Tangible” value to End Users. That is why we are working on – True North Data Governance 2.0  
  • Delivers Strategy and business solutions that accelerate business and technology adoption.
  • Focuses on the “Client” which is the end user who must be brought into the eco-system as a partner.
  • Leverages our “Stratecution” approach which puts the business first in delivering and supporting key organizational initiatives with just enough Data Governance, Metadata and Architecture aligned with Privacy and Data Risk.
  • Executes an operating model based on successful Data Governance implementations over the past decade.
  • Incorporate Information Security and Privacy in a holistic framework
Data Governance 2.0 focuses on Business-driven operationalization with a connected Metadata Strategy, built on iterative “Stratecution” to advance innovation and adaption
  1. Business first approach with just enough Data Governance, Metadata Strategy and Architecture
  2. A business solutions-based metadata model
  3. Operationalizing Data Stewardship
  4. Focus on innovation in Data Quality (DG 2.0)
  5. A business-driven federated Governance approach
  6. Implementable Standards imbedded into Delivery
  7. Leverage AI & ML in DG and DQ and Data Risk