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A full service consulting firm using a innovative business driven “Stratecution” approach in operationalizing Data Governance, Metadata, Data Risk and Data Quality.

Data Governance 1.0 has not successfully brought “Tangible” value to End Users. That is why we are working on – True North Data Governance 2.0

  • Delivers Strategy and business solutions that accelerate business and technology adoption.
  • Focuses on the “Client” which is the end user who must be brought into the eco-system as a partner.
  • Leverages our “Stratecution” approach which puts the business first in delivering and supporting key organizational initiatives with just enough Data Governance, Metadata and Architecture aligned with Privacy and Data Risk.
  • Executes an operating model based on successful Data Governance implementations over the past decade.
  • Incorporate Information Security and Privacy in a holistic framework

Data Governance 2.0 focuses on Business-driven operationalization with a connected Metadata Strategy, built on iterative “Stratecution” to advance innovation and adaption

  1. Business first approach with just enough Data Governance, Metadata Strategy and Architecture
  2. A business solutions-based metadata model
  3. Operationalizing Data Stewardship
  4. Focus on innovation in Data Quality (DG 2.0)
  5. A business-driven federated Governance approach
  6. Implementable Standards imbedded into Delivery
  7. Leverage AI & ML in DG and DQ and Data Risk

Our Founder

Peter Kapur

He is a Data Strategy, Data Governance, Metadata and Data Stewardship Industry leader & Visionary.   Peter has successfully used data and metadata to transform and further organizations’ data culture, tools and analytics, data quality, and regulatory compliance.
Peter is the Founder and Managing Partner of True North Data Management, a Data management consulting firm that focuses on Data Governance 2.0 based on “operationalization” of Data Strategy to bring Data Producers and Consumers into the Eco-System as equal partners to solve Business critical initiatives such as Privacy, Data Analytics, Digitization.

  • Peter has led Data Strategy and Data Governance for several organizations including Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, DTCC and AIG. He as practical experience in solving Data transformation problems and changing the culture of large organizations to be data-driven.
  • Peter has designed and implemented successful data programs where his teams had responsibility for delivering data governance from the ground up developing new tools and processes; building a team; covering regulations as well as non-regulatory use cases.
  • Peter is a speaker on Data Innovation in several conferences including MDM & Data Governance and Europe Financial Information Management (FIMA).
  • Peter has authored several articles on Data thought leadership including Embedding innovation into Data organizations, Privacy, GDPR & Data Governance 2.0, Role of Data Citizens, Business Glossary – Core component or shiny object, Data Governance 2.0 best practices
Peter can be reached at peter@truenorthdm.com or @917-822-4529.

Interested in working with us?

The next evolution of Data, Metadata, Security and Privacy Governance

We are passionate about our ability to innovate this practice.   If believe in this practice but feel that it has not always produced tangible results for the business and have a passion to evolve the practice, give us a shout careers@truenorthdm.com or call us at 646-822-3177

You will be allowed to innovate and produce solutions for clients.   In order to come aboard this ship,  you must be passionate about our principles:

  • We believe in Data Governance as a business enabler.
  • We use Data Governance to solve problems
  • We believe in collaboration across Business and IT leveraging human capital across the organization
  • We are partners of our clients

We will execute best of breed implementations across Data Governance, Data Management, Privacy, Information Security overseen by Industry experts who want to see continual Data Governance innovation